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Graduate Highlight - Damon Hess

“Just believe in yourself,” says Rockford Career College graduate Damon Hess. “Even if you don't, pretend that you do. At some point, you will.”
Yes, the best-kept secret is that even outwardly confident, secure people sometimes wonder if they are good enough. What do they do? They push through the doubts, just like Mr. Hess did. Perhaps you are unsure if you could succeed in college because of that C in high school. Instead of worrying about that, focus on what you are good at and choose a career that matches that strength. 

If I won the lottery, I would...

“If I won the lottery, I would...”
“If I had an extra day in the week, I could use it for...”
We like to think about what we could achieve if we were lucky enough to have life change specifically to fit our needs. However, there's so much you could accomplish on your own. Instead of relying solely on luck or others, start taking steps now to work toward your goal.

Pursuit of Happiness

Are your family and friends confused as to why you want to do more? “You're getting a paycheck that covers your bills,” they say. “Isn't that good enough?” However, you still come home each night with that persistent voice in your mind. You know the one.

Graduate Highlight - Ronaldo Gonzalez

You may not notice it as you go about your day, but metal is one of the key components to our society. It comprises everything from the cars we drive to the heating systems in our homes to the appliances we use to cook food. Steel, iron, and other metals make our way of life possible. This makes welding an invaluable skill, and Ronaldo Gonzalez took the chance to learn it.

Life is more fulfilling when you know your purpose.

Life is more fulfilling when you know your purpose. However, it could be difficult to discover what you are meant to do when you have bills to pay, family to care for, and assorted obligations that consume any leftover time you could have had for self-reflection. That's why Rockford Career College has admissions counselors whose schedules are dedicated to helping you find your career calling.

Why further your education?

Tuition, transportation, and time away from work may seem like hurdles too great to continue your education. However, investing in your future now could result in great long-term gains. Here are just a few ways that beginning a career program at Rockford Career College could benefit you.