January Graduate Highlights

January Graduate Highlights
DATE On February 10, 2020

Be relentless in achieving your goals. That's what we encourage all of our students here at Rockford Career College to do. Whether your dream involves nursing four-legged friends back to health, helping clients win their cases, or wiring somebody's dream home, we are here to support you. Our goal is to keep you focused on the end result—a new career after graduation. Today, we would like to celebrate these relentless graduates who crossed the finish line and started their new roles in January:

• Kristina B., Associate's Veterinary Technician, Wheeling Animal Hospital & Pet Resort
• Ciara D., Associate's Veterinary Technician, Veterinary Specialty Center
• Erin E., Diploma Business Administration, Rockford Career College
• Aaron E., Diploma Electrical Technician, Legoland Discovery Center/Merlin Enterta
• Alejandro G., Diploma Welding, The Caldwell Group, Inc.
• Seay H., Diploma CNC and Robotic Manufacturing Technology, Corporate Services, Inc.
• Sarah L., Diploma Medical Assistant, Davita Dialysis-Belvidere
• Gisca M., Diploma Medical Assistant, Crusader Community Health
• Danielle N., Associate's Healthcare Administration, Rockford Mass Transit District
• Molly Q., Diploma Business Administration, GAR South Trampoline Park
• Samantha R., Diploma Medical Assistant, OrthoIllinois
• Alisia R., Diploma Medical Assistant, Crusader Community Health
• Angela S., Associate's Paralegal Studies, Melton Law Firm
• Korisma W., Diploma Medical Assistant, Crusader Community Health

Ready to add your name to the list? Call 888.680.6682 or submit our Request Information form to learn more about our programs. It's time to show the world how relentless you could be.


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