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Our Call-Id No Longer Reads Rockford Career College

So many things have changed recently, including the way we contact you. Currently, our staff members are calling prospective students from their homes rather than their offices. This means that our caller ID no longer appears as Rockford Career College.

You may not answer calls from numbers you do not recognize. We completely understand that. To make sure you don't miss out on our next start date (May 11th), here's how we will get in touch with you if you don't answer:

Prioritize Your New Career and Plan a Path

“I would do X if I had more time.”

You know you would excel at your ideal career, and you're certain you could complete the degree program, but you believe you lack the time. The truth is, we allow time to rule us. Some time-consuming activities are out of your control, such as work, family obligations, or buying groceries. It's also natural to want to simply unwind after completing these tasks.

“Just one more episode first.”

“Maybe if I wake up early enough.”

January Graduate Highlights

Be relentless in achieving your goals. That's what we encourage all of our students here at Rockford Career College to do. Whether your dream involves nursing four-legged friends back to health, helping clients win their cases, or wiring somebody's dream home, we are here to support you. Our goal is to keep you focused on the end result—a new career after graduation. Today, we would like to celebrate these relentless graduates who crossed the finish line and started their new roles in January:

Rockford Career College strives to match you with the right career for you

All colleges provide you with an education, but how many of them actively strive to match you with the perfect career for you? Rockford Career College's Career Services team is dedicated to maximizing career development and opportunities for both students and graduates. No matter what stage you are at in your career journey, we are ready to assist you in identifying and winning a job in your desired field.

You could become a superhero in Business

You could become a superhero in an organization by completing one of our business programs. 

Business careers are everywhere you look. Industry, retail, service industry, government, education, even healthcare. A business education can help you launch a new business career or advance one you have already begun. Well-trained professionals with critical thinking and decision-making skills, as well as knowledge of industry-standard software will always be in demand.

FLEXIBLE: Our online business programs allow you to complete coursework from home.