Graduate Highlight - Francisca Blanco-Moreno

Graduate Highlight - Francisca Blanco-Moreno
DATE On May 31, 2019

How could you make your parents proud? Many of us have parents whose primary goal is for us to have a better life than they had. Some great ways to thank them for their efforts are to contribute to your community and improve life for future generations. For Francisca Blanco-Moreno, this meant starting a new career.

Ms. Blanco-Moreno made good use of the opportunities her parents provided her by choosing a career in healthcare. She enrolled in Rockford Career College's medical assistant program to give back to others who were less fortunate than her medically and financially. She studied topics such as Cardiac Care, Minor Surgical Procedures, and Specimen Collection and Analysis in the classroom and received real-world experience by completing an externship. Ms. Blanco-Moreno graduated from RCC in May of 2019, well-prepared to face the challenges ahead. 

Our Diploma in Medical Assistant program prepares students for entry-level employment in the medical field in as little as ten months. Our curriculum helps students develop professionalism, clinical skills, and legal and ethical frameworks. Students also have the opportunity to practice what they have learned in local clinics, hospitals, or physician's offices for 160 hours during their externships. Rockford Career College also offers an Associate of Applied Science in Medical Assistant/X-Ray Technician (Limited Scope) program for those wishing to continue their education and further develop their professional skills.

We hope Ms. Blanco-Moreno's story inspired you. Whether you are interested in the medical assistant program or one of the many other programs offered at Rockford Career College, please come in and talk to us today to find your career passion. Call 888.680.6682 or submit our Request Information form to learn more.


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