Team up to learn with your friends in 2017.

Team up to learn Team up to learn with your friends in 2017.
DATE On January 03, 2017

I’ve done everything with my best friend. From learning to skate board to going on a diet.  Now it’s time to start a career together. 
Whenever I want to keep a new year’s resolution (like start a career I can be passionate about), I grab my friend and we do it together.  Last year we both joined a gym and I lost 15 pounds!  We both have the same goals, so it makes so much sense to go to school together.  It’s like having a gym buddy for my brain.
And the best part is at Rockford Career College many of their programs start every 5 weeks, so we don’t have to wait until June to start like at some colleges.  We might be able to start in February. 
Don’t have a buddy interested in the same career as you?  Call us.  We like to think of our school as a family.  We have students that meet at school and ask us to find them a job at the same place so they can work together. 
Did you know we have staff dedicated to:
●        Job Placement - Finding a job could be overwhelming, but our job placement services could navigate the job market for you. Our career advisors are able to locate graduate opportunities and they could help you explore the opportunities waiting for you.
●        Working - Career Services could help you refine and practice the career skills you’ll need when you start working, such as writing a resume, networking and interviewing.
So call admissions today at 888-680-6682 and make your new year’s resolution a reality.  
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