HVACR and Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Applications

HVACR and Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Applications
DATE On September 25, 2016

Studying HVACR opens students to a wide range of careers after graduation. HVACR (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration) is a crucial element of our human comfort and every home across the country uses this technology to some degree or another. But beyond residential uses, HVACR is a critical element of society, from the way that food is safely stored before sale to the needs of a hospital or medical research lab. Even a manufacturing facility requires careful ventilation within the factory.
An education in HVACR prepares you for entry level work as a contractor, installer, or service technician of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration technology. The uses of this technology can be broken down into three areas of society.

  • Residential -- Heating and cooling are important parts of having a comfortable home. Depending on the climate you live in, one may be more important that the other. Ventilation helps circulate the warm or cool air, and is especially important in rooms such as the bathroom or kitchen. Refrigeration is needed to safely store food before it can be consumed.


  • Commercial -- Heating and cooling are important in commercial buildings like a grocery store or restaurant, but they are different from residential projects because they tend to be much larger spaces. This means that different solutions need to be used to achieve the same effect. Refrigeration is particularly important in some types of commercial buildings, such as the freezer and cooler spaces in a grocery store or storing medical samples in a hospital.


  • Industrial -- Like commercial spaces, industrial spaces tend to be much larger than residential spaces and require heavy duty equipment to heat and cool the space. Depending on the products being produced, different parts of HVACR might be more important. For example, an industrial space might need ventilation to keep production safe for employees working in the space, or certain machines and systems might require a certain temperature in order to function properly.

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