Graduate Highlight: Business Administration - Inspirational Story

Graduate Highlight: Business Administration - Inspirational Story
DATE On April 18, 2018

Sometimes, help can come from the most unlikely of places. When crises arise, many people turn to close family or friends for assistance. Others have to look a little harder. For Rockford Career College graduate Olivia*, school once felt like her last hope.
Olivia was a very quiet but good student who mostly kept to herself. Motivation to improve her children's life was what brought her through RCC's doors. However, a few months into her program, she began to miss classes. When the campus president reached out to her, he was shocked to learn what had been happening. Olivia had been trapped in an abusive relationship. When she tried to leave with her children, her boyfriend stopped her. The police were called while her children were still in the car. The danger of this abusive relationship caused child protection services to place the children with a distant family member many miles away from Olivia. At the time of this event, Olivia was also pregnant and still attending RCC.
Feeling helpless and hopeless, Olivia still persevered. She resumed attending classes. Meanwhile, RCC wrote monthly letters to Olivia's child protection case worker on her progress. Then Olivia delivered her baby. Immediately after, child protection services placed her newborn with a foster family, since the relative caring for her other children could not take in a baby. Devastated, Olivia nearly took her own life.
Even then, Olivia believed there was a way to piece her life back together. She worked extra hours at her job, continued her homework, and set up a new apartment. Eventually, Olivia was allowed more visitation hours with her children. After an excruciating year of overnights and weekends, the children finally went home with Olivia. The children were all able to watch their mother cross the stage to receive her associate degree in business administration.
At Rockford Career College, we do not stop at educating. We provide students with a career to improve their lives. We are proud of Olivia for changing her and her children's future, and we are so glad to be a part of her family as well. If you are interested in shaping your life for the better, please reach out to us today. To learn more, call or submit our Request Information form today.
*This is a real story about an actual student.  We appreciate that we are allowed to share this story with you, but we have changed the first name to protect her privacy.  
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