A Day in the Life: Welder

A Day in the Life: Welder
DATE On December 15, 2020

When you look at a skyscraper, chances are you're wondering how many stories it is or which of its offices you need to reach. As a welder, I see a system of pipes and metal carefully held together by a team's hard work. My name's Tanner, and I'd like to show you why welding is such an important career.

What Does a Welder Do, Exactly?

The most basic aspect of my job is joining metal pieces together with heat. However, the profession is a lot more nuanced than that. Every day, I interpret blueprints, perform inspections, and maintain equipment. Each project I tackle—be it a factory building, racecar, or pipeline—is unique and requires a different approach. That's why critical thinking and math skills are essential for this profession.

What Types of Employers Hire Welders?

Welders are needed in the manufacturing, construction, engineering, automotive, and aerospace industries, to name a few.1 Companies of all sizes recruit welders for their own projects as well as contract work. Some welders are even self-employed. Welding is needed to build and maintain essential machines and infrastructure, making it a valuable skill. 

Why Choose Rockford Career College?

At Rockford Career College, you could earn your diploma in as little as 10 months. Hands-on practice allows students to gain a better understanding of SMAW, GTAW, GMAW, and FCAW. Technical courses such as Thermal Cutting and Metal Preparation are complemented by classes like Professional Success Strategies to make you a well-rounded job candidate.

Helping you find an employer is the staff and faculty's priority. Career Services offers many free resources to students such as mock interviews and resume writing assistance. Instructors hold tutoring sessions and leave their offices open for students to bring their concerns to them. Financial aid team members provide financial aid to those who qualify. In short, everyone at Rockford wants to help you succeed.

To learn more about a career in welding, contact Rockford Career College today. Just call 888.859.8225 or submit the Request Information form online. Your work could keep those skyscrapers standing strong for generations to come.

1 Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, Welders, Cutters, Solderers, and Brazers, on the Internet at https://www.bls.gov/ooh/production/welders-cutters-solderers-and-brazers... (visited December 14, 2020).

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