A Day in the Life: Medical Laboratory Technician

A Day in the Life: Medical Laboratory Technician
DATE On June 03, 2021

Not all healthcare careers involve interacting with patients. If you enjoy helping behind the scenes, there are plenty of ways you could contribute to the medical field. My name's Carlos, and I'm a medical laboratory technician.

What's an Average Day Like for Medical Laboratory Technicians?

In the lab, I analyze samples collected from local hospitals and outpatient centers. These samples could be bodily fluids, tissues, or other substances. My main goal is to detect abnormalities so patients can be properly diagnosed. Even though I never directly interact with patients, my role directly impacts their health.  Lately, I’ve been busy analyzing COVID-19 tests.  I know I’m helping people by processing results as quickly and accurately as possible during this crisis.

I work in a diagnostic lab, but medical lab technicians also work in hospitals, physician offices, and universities. I prefer being in a quiet setting because correctly determining what's in each sample is sometimes complex. However, as someone who enjoys solving problems, performing experiments, and utilizing different clinical instruments, it's the perfect career for me.

Why Choose Rockford Career College?

At Rockford Career College, you could earn your associate degree in as little as 18 months. (Some qualifying medical professionals could complete the program in one year.) The medical lab technician program prepares students for their new careers with courses such as: Phlebotomy, Hematology, Clinical Microbiology, Medical Law and Ethics in Healthcare, Clinical Laboratory Math, and many more. This hybrid program allows some coursework to be completed online, and the externship portion gives students hands-on experience with a local employer.

The dedicated staff and faculty at RCC make your success their priority. They leave their offices open for students to discuss their concerns and career goals with them. Instructors provide tutoring, Career Services members hold mock interviews and assist with resume writing, and admissions representatives answer all program and financial aid questions. At RCC, you're not just another student. You're part of the family.

It's time to start a career you love. Call 888.680.6682 or submit the Request Information form online to learn more. I hope you'll join me in this rewarding career field!

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