A Day in the Life of a Business Administrator

A Day in the Life of a Business Administrator
DATE On October 27, 2020

Businesses must always be ready to adapt. To stay competitive, companies need organized, forward-thinking leaders who excel in many different areas. My name's Camila, and I help my company develop with everything I've learned about business administration.

What Types of Jobs are Available in Business Administration?

Business administrators are needed in a wide range of industries for a large variety of tasks. A career in this field involves managing employees, allocating resources, investing in new technology, communicating with different levels of management, and studying finances. All of these are highly transferable skills. You could end up specializing in a certain area such as finance. In a smaller company, you may be asked to handle many different aspects of administration.

What's an Average Day Like in Business Administration?

As an operations manager, I maximize the company's efficiency and resources. This involves reviewing the budget, researching alternative distributors, and streamlining production processes. Computer literacy is vital to my position because I often create presentations, spreadsheets, and documents for other members of upper management to view.

Employees are a company's most valuable resource, so I often work with the human resources team. By resolving employee concerns and providing proper training, I hope to build a team that delivers excellent results and feels rewarded for its efforts. Being able to negotiate with others is just as important as the technical aspects of writing, accounting, and working with various software.

Why Choose Rockford Career College?

At Rockford Career College, you could earn your business administration diploma program in as little as 10 months! After you graduate, you also have the option to enroll in the seven-month associate program and earn your degree. Courses like Ethics and Social Responsibility, Operations and Facilities Management, and Transformational Leadership could prepare you for employment in a large variety of industries. Best of all, these courses are held online for your convenience.

Whether you are fresh out of high school or looking for a career change later in life, the RCC team is equipped to help you succeed. All students have access to tutoring, resume writing assistance, interviewing practice, and much more. Instructors keep their classes small and meet with students who need additional help. There's even financial aid available to those who qualify.

Why push off your career dreams any longer? Contact us today.  Just as business administrators focus on their companies' growth, you should prioritize your own.

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