Continuous Improvement | Business Administration Program

Continuous Improvement Continuous Improvement | Business Administration Program
DATE On April 04, 2016

Get Prepared for the Challenge of Continuous Improvement

Could I wait a little longer for my order? 
Do you have something similar that costs more? 
Could I get this with poorer workmanship?
These are questions you will never hear from your customers in today’s business world. To meet the challenges of competition and increasingly demanding customers, companies, both large and small, are constantly seeking ways to make their products and deliver their services with less cost, fewer errors, less waste, and speedier delivery times. Continuous Improvement has become a way of life in today’s business world.

Are You Prepared to Contribute?

Our Business Administration Program prepares you to add value to your employer’s business improvement initiatives from day one. 
The Business Administration Program will provide practical training in the areas: Managing Change, Project Management, Data Analysis, and Continuous Improvement.

Course: Leading Continuous Improvement

The specific course entitled, Leading Continuous Improvement, provides you with set of concepts and practical tools that have a proven record of accomplishment in nearly every type of business development. 
You will learn to use tools to: define problems, analyze data to identify root causes, generate and evaluate solutions, and plan implementation. You will also learn to do business process redesign which involves flowcharting, identification of value-added activities, methods for pinpointing redundancies and sources of waste, and designing streamlined ways of doing the work.
In short, our Business Administration program develops your competencies to make improvement.
Every business organization has potential for improvement. You will be able to use your skills and the tools provided to help your employer tap that potential for improved performance.
Get Prepared for the Challenge of Continuous Improvement in our Business Administration Program. You can complete the program in just 40 weeks on campus or complete the convenient online program. 
Author: Michael Donovan, Ph.D.
Professor of Human Resource Management & Psychology, Online Courses for American Higher Education Development Corporation
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