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We Proudly Present Medical Assistant Graduate Ariel Hay

Starting a career in healthcare meant finishing a degree program, completing an externship, and preparing for the unique challenges medical assistants face every day. However, none of this deterred Ariel Hay. She dived head-first into Rockford Career College's medical assistant program and came out triumphant. “Don't let obstacles make you lose faith in the process,” says Ariel. “Believing in yourself is the key to succeed.”

Meet Our Instructor - Steve Schutz

You want to help children excel in school, and we understand the significance of their first few years of education. That's why we've welcomed compassionate, experienced instructors like Steve Schutz into our family. Since 2002, Steve has been teaching students eligible for special education services. In 2007, he became an adjunct instructor. Currently, he teaches online programs for an early childhood center. 

We Proudly Present Dental Assisting Graduate Branesha Cross

Branesha Cross graduated from our dental assisting program by focusing on the goals she had achieved and not dwelling on her mistakes. Branesha knows how easy it is to remember your shortcomings instead of your successes. However, she decided to remain positive and determined when it came to pursuing a new career. By studying hard, developing her practical skills, and completing an externship, Branesha overcame her doubts and graduated from RCC.

We Proudly Present Paralegal Graduate Amber Flaherty

Amber lives by the following quote from Les Brown: “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”1 When she was ready for a new career, Amber did not hesitate or make excuses. Instead, she worked hard to turn her goal into a reality. By studying hard, she excelled in all of her courses in Rockford Career College's Paralegal Studies associate degree program. We are proud to say that she graduated on the President's List.

We Proudly Present Welding Graduate Nikia Roper

“The strongest warriors are given the toughest battle, but don't give up on the fight,” says Nikia Roper, Rockford Career College graduate. “Stay strong, fight through it, and conquer the battle, and you'll always win.” These principles guided Nikia as she began her career journey. By never surrendering, Nikia emerged victorious from our welding program, ready to take on a new career.

We Proudly Present Medical Assistant Graduate Bethany Kopp

Always striving to reach her full potential, Bethany Kopp continued her education so she could begin her dream career. “If you are not green and growing, then you are dead and dying,” she says. “Always try to improve yourself.” All of us at Rockford Career College are proud of Bethany for studying hard and graduating from our medical assistant program.

What You Learn in a Medical Assistant Program

For each graduate of a program, we highlight three different courses.

Become an Early Childhood Educator

Looking for a rewarding profession? As an early childhood educator, you could be a positive influence in your students' lives and set children up for future successes. Teachers are needed now more than ever. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of preschool teachers is projected to grow by 13% in Illinois from 2018 to 2028.1 That's why we developed our brand new Early Childhood Education program.

Happy Best Friends Day

June 8th is National Best Friends Day! How will you celebrate those closest to you? While we often think of our friends as people to watch movies, take walks, or talk with, they could also play an important role in our professional lives.