Meet Our CNC Instructor - Steve Watson

Meet Our CNC Instructor - Steve Watson
DATE On September 09, 2021

“I started my career in machining on manual machines, and when CNCs were introduced, I showed my interest to my employer,” recalls Steve Watson, Lead Instructor of Rockford Career College's CNC and Robotics Manufacturing Technology program. “I wanted to learn all I could about them and run them. I was given the opportunity, and I ran with it.”

After learning to operate CNC machines, Steve found employment with many manufacturers in northern Illinois. He proudly led and trained CNC machinists in the aerospace, hydraulics, and tool-making industries. Taking advantage of new opportunities, Steve vastly expanded his knowledge of different CNC machine types.

Now, Steve enjoys sharing what he has learned with our students. “I couldn't think of a better way to use all the knowledge and experience I have gained than to help fill the ever-increasing need for CNC machinists in our area,” Steve says. He is always ready to assist those wanting to create a great career for themselves. Currently, he teaches our Blueprint Reading, Basic Machining, and Metallurgy courses.

Since our instructors have worked in their field for years, their teachings incorporate real-life examples, making it easier to apply your new knowledge in the real-world setting. Whether you are interested in the CNC and Robotic Manufacturing Technology Diploma Program or one of the many other programs offered at our College, please contact us today. Get started by filling out our Request Information form to learn more. We're ready to help you.

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