Graduate Highlight - Veterinary Technician - Alexis Shearer

Graduate Highlight - Veterinary Technician - Alexis Shearer
DATE On January 17, 2019

One raccoon. That was all it took to change Alexis Shearer's fate. When a young raccoon's mother passed away and there was no rehabilitation center in the county to take him, Ms. Shearer stepped in to help. It was then that she knew helping animals was her passion.
“When he was about ten months old, he got sick, and no vet would see him within three hours of us,” Ms. Shearer recounts. “I ended up saving him when no vet would. He went on to be happy and healthy and is in the wild. He made me want to make a difference and specialize in wildlife.”
Ms. Shearer flourished in Rockford Career College's veterinary technician program and graduated in December of 2018. She is excited to help animals in her new career and encourages anyone who has a heart for animals to consider this field as well. “You can't do great things if you're afraid of failure,” she says.
We hope Ms. Shearer's story inspired you. Whether you are interested in the veterinary technician program or one of the many other programs offered at Rockford Career College, please come in and talk to us today to find your career passion. Call 888.680.6682 or submit our Request Information form to learn more.
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