Epidemic of CNC Machinists Breakout of RCC

Epidemic of CNC Machinists Breakout of RCC
DATE On October 16, 2016

Admit it – you don’t know what a CNC machinist does, but the title alone sounds impressive and makes you want to be one! CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control and has been around since the 1970’s. Though most people have never heard this term, most people have dealt with CNC on almost a daily basis.
CNC machines typically replace or work with other machines in the manufacturing process. They range in size and vary in performance operation, but for the most part, they contain all of the same main feature: a computer-operating system. Though run by a program, people need to be able to input the appropriate programs, choose what they need done for whatever part they may be working on, and man the machine. This is where the machinists’ job comes in! Put in layman’s terms, think of the machinist’s job as being the one who puts in the step-by-step directions for the machine to be able to create the commanded part.
CNC machines can be used to make things as small as the gears in a watch, and as big as engines for trains and airplanes. Some CNC machines are bigger than the average house! At Rockford Career College, we have two CNC machines that are considered your average operational size; they are what a machinist would be using in a shop to manufacture gears for an automotive company.
CNC jobs can be found in many different vicinities. They can be used for tasks such as grinding in the metal removal industry for metal fabrication, for electrical discharge machining (such as creating molds or punch and die combinations), for woodworking, and for waterjet machining. Currently, there is a shortage of skilled people to utilize CNC machines. With the appropriate degree, you could work for manufacturing companies, companies that sell CNC machines, or even eventual for a school.

If becoming a CNC machinist interests you, contact one of our Admissions Representatives today!
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