Electrical Technician Graduate Highlight: Juanita Tatum

Electrical Technician Graduate Highlight: Juanita Tatum
DATE On May 13, 2021

Meet an Electrical Technician Graduate

Meet Juanita Tatum, a graduate of Rockford Career College’s electrical technician diploma program. She has never been afraid to take on a challenge. Although her dream career field has been traditionally male-oriented, she knew she could achieve her professional goals. After enrolling in Rockford Career College's electrical technician diploma program, she persevered to make her dream a reality.

What you learn as an Electrical Technician

During the program, Juanita took courses such as Conduit Bending and Lighting, Branch and Feeder Locations, Motors and Motor Protection, Transformers and Standby Systems, Electrical AC/DC Theory and Test Equipment, and many more.

In these courses, she learned:
  • The basics of electrical theory to succeed in her career
  • Essential safety training for electrical technicians
  • How to troubleshoot systems and improve electrical output

Hands-on practice gave her practical experience, and studying student and professional success strategies helped her prepare for the future.

How Our Graduate Became an Electrical Technician

Like Juanita, you too can become an electrical technician in just a matter of months and start your career journey in this interesting and necessary profession. If you want to enroll in our electrical technician program, you do not need a high school diploma. All you need are the will to succeed and the right mindset to study and work hard. In just ten months, you could be on your way to a new career. Juanita encourages anyone who is sincerely interested in the field to give it a shot. “If I can do it, so can you!” she says. All of us at RCC believe that, like Juanita, you have what it takes to find success in your ideal career field.

Rockford Career College Electrical Technician Program at a Glance

Program Length: 10 Months
Learning Environment: 100% of this program is taught on-campus in the lab
Meet Our Lead Instructor: Meet Our Instructor 
Job Outlook: 8% increase for electricians in the U.S. projected from 2019 - 2029.1
Learn More: Our Electrical Technician Program

Find out more about our electrical technician diploma program today. Call 888.680.6682 or submit the Request Information form on our website. Whether you are starting your first career or looking for a fresh start, we are here to serve you. Don't let gender or other perceived obstacles stand between you and your perfect career. Let us help you reach the tomorrow you've been working toward.

1 National Center for O*NET Development.  Illinois Employment Trends: 47-2111.00 – Electricians.  O*NET OnLine.  Retrieved May 14, 2021, from https://www.onetonline.org/link/localtrends/47-2111.00?st=IL&g=Go

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