Computer Numeric Control: An Industry In High Demand

Computer Numeric Control: An Industry In High Demand
DATE On October 09, 2016

The demand for CNC machinists is on the rise, thanks to advancements in the field and a lack of skilled workers trained for these positions. Learning CNC means learning how to use computer-controlled machines or robots in order to make or assemble products, among other possible uses.  
In today’s job market, many of the people interested in the field of computer numeric control are coming from other industries and are already employed, but are seeking new and exciting opportunities. In some cases, people find themselves in a field where there is not a large demand for workers, which can mean a hard time finding a job or not being able to command the wage you need. The high demand for CNC machinists makes it an attractive trade to learn.  
In our program, students will learn blueprint reading, manufacturing occupations, basic machining, metallurgy, metrology techniques, mechanical design, CNC/CAD, fixture design, lean manufacturing, material management, robotics and cellular manufacturing. Becoming a CNC machinist is a goal for someone who likes to work with computers and also likes to work with their hands. Our program teaches students to use computers to solve the everyday challenges of manufacturing with an element of design and a eye for innovation.
Although it used to be more common for companies to offer apprenticeship programs in the CNC field, these programs are becoming increasingly hard to find and therefore competitive to get into. By learning the trade through our program instead of pursuing an apprenticeship, not only do students have the opportunity to learn more about the field, they can do it in less time and without the hassle of having to seek and gain these elusive positions.

Our computer numeric control program helps you gain an education faster and on your own terms. Learning the basics with us can prepare you for an entry level position or give you the foundational education you need to study the field at higher levels of coursework. In ten short months, students can be ready to start their new career.  For more information, visit
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