Diploma in Pharmacy Technician

This program is no longer accepting new students and/or re-entering students into the program.
Delivery Method: On-Ground and Online Modality
Campus: Rockford, IL Only

Program Description

This comprehensive program prepares individuals to achieve competency in the skills and theoretical knowledge necessary to enter the pharmacy workplace as a Pharmacy Technician. Students develop skills in all areas of pharmacy practice such as computer entry, pharmaceutical calculations, record keeping, and compounding of extemporaneous and aseptic products to be dispensed. Emphasizing a customer-centered approach, the program also helps develop the proper skills needed to work under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist. The program prepares the graduate to take the National Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam.

Program Objectives

  • Understanding of federal and state laws that govern pharmacies.
  • Prepare medication and other health products for patients
  • Prepare extemporaneous compounds and sterile medications
  • Receive written prescriptions and requests from patients
  • Complete order entry of prescriptions
  • Manage inventory
  • Calculate Medication Dosages
  • Create Patient profiles
  • Process third party claims
  • Demonstrate knowledge of medical and pharmaceutical terminology and the pharmacology of medications

The Pharmacy Technician Diploma Occupational program is offered as a program leading to Gainful Employment. As such we want all potential students to be able to make a reasoned decision on enrolling in this program at Rockford Career College. To that extent we offer the following information:

Potential Job Positions

Entry Level position as a Pharmacy Technician
U.S. Department of Labor's Standard Occupational code: 29-2052.00- PharmacyTechnicians
You may view the US Department of Labor's Occupational Information for this at: www.onetonline.org/link/summary/29-2052.00

Program Length

This program requires 71 quarter credits. A full-time student can complete the program in 6 quarters (18 months) if they maintain full-time status, do not take any quarters off, successfully pass each course the first time, and do not need any pre-curriculum classes.

Core Courses

Course # Course Name Prerequisite Credits
BUS101 Applied Business Math PCC092 4
BUS107 College & Career Success Skills None 4
CIT100 Word Processing I PCC093 3
MED100 Medical Terminology I PCC091 4
MED120 Medical Law & Ethics None 4
PHT100 Introduction to Pharmacology & Pharmacy Practice None 4
PHT102 Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology for Pharmacy Technicians None 4
PHT104 Pharmacy Calculations PCC092 4
PHT105 Drug Therapy I PHT102 4
PHT106 Drug Therapy II PHT102 4
PHT200 Institutional Pharmacy PHT100 4
PHT205 Community Pharmacy PHT100 4
PHT210 Pharmacy Technology I CIT100 3
PHT215 Pharmacy Technology II PHT210 4
PHT220 Admixture & Medical Asepsis PHT104 & PHT200 3
PHT230 Special Topics for Pharmacy Technicians PHT210 4
PHT290 Pharmacy Technician Externship I - Community Setting PHT205* 5
PHT295 Pharmacy Technician Externship II - Institutional Setting PHT200* 5
Total Core Credits     71

*Approval of Program Director required


Gainful Emoployment Disclosure