Associate of Applied Science in Paralegal

This program is no longer accepting new students and/or re-entering students into the program. 
Delivery Method: On-Ground and Online Modality
Campus: Rockford, IL Only

The program provides course work required for an Associate of Applied Science degree that leads to positions in legal environments. A paralegal, under the supervision of an attorney, applies knowledge of law and legal procedures in rendering direct assistance to attorneys, clients, and courts. They may conduct initial client interviews and follow up on investigation of factual information. Paralegals design, develop and modify procedures, techniques, services, and processes; prepare and interpret legal documents; and detail procedures for practicing in certain fields of law. Paralegals research, select, assess, compile, and use information from the law library and other references, and analyze and handle procedures and problems that involve independent decisions.

Program Objectives

• To develop the student’s ability to be able to draft legal documents in areas of the law studied including torts and family law, probate procedures and contracts.

• Demonstrate the ability to define and articulate law practices in a variety of legal settings where legal assistants/paralegals work, including small and large private firms, corporations, and government agencies.

• Demonstrate the ability to define and articulate the effect of changes in the delivery of legal services.

• Demonstrate the ability to define and articulate alternatives to litigations including mediation, voluntary and mandatory arbitration; and the ability to articulate ethical decision-making in the legal environment.

The Paralegal Associate Degree program is offered as a program leading to Gainful Employment. As such we want all potential students to be able to make a reasoned decision on enrolling in this program at Rockford Career College. To that extent we offer the following information:

Potential Job Positions:

Entry Level position as a Paralegal, Legal Assistant or Legal Secretary

U.S. Department of Labor’s Standard Occupational code: 23-2011.00 – Paralegals and Legal Assistants

You may view the US Department of Labor’s Occupational Information for this at:


Core Courses Paralegal (69 quarter credits are required)

Course # Course Name Prerequisite Credit Hours
BB107 College & Career Success Skills None 4
BB109 Business Law None 4
BB203 Economic Theory and Analysis None 4
BB319 Contract Law None 4
LL101 Legal Terminology None 4
LL103 Court Procedures and Law None 4
LL201 Civil Litigation and Procedures  None 4
LL202 Family Law  None 4
LL203 Criminal Law/Procedures  None 4
LL204 Torts  None 4
LL205 Wills, Trusts, and Probate  None 4
LL301 Real Estate Law             None 4
LL304 Legal Research and writing LL101 4
LL310 Law Office Management            LL101* 4
LL400 Legal Externship            ** 4
MM101 Word Processing I  EE093 3
MM130 Electronic Communications  None 3
MM205 Spreadsheet Applications I  None 3

* Department Chair approval is also required

** Offered in the student’s last quarter or by Department Chair approval


General Education Required Courses (23 quarter hours credit required)

Course # Course Name Prerequisite Credit Hours
EE101 Speech             None 4
EE102 Psychology  None 4
EE104 College English  EE091 4
EE199 Spanish Conversation and Grammar  None 4
EE202 Research & Report Writing  EE104  3
EE210 Contemporary Government in America  None 4

Gainful Emoloyment Disclosure