Have you heard about the shortage of Electricians?

Have you heard about the shortage of Electricians?
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DATE On April 08, 2017
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Press release 4/7/17 from CECU (Career Education Colleges and Universities)
Shortage of Skills: Electricians
​“April 7, 2017 – Washington, DC – Today, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that 7.2 million Americans are unemployed, while at the same time 5.6 million jobs remain unfilled in America. This gap in labor exists because employers demand job-ready employees and millions of prospective employees are simply not able to bridge the skills gap without appropriate career education and training. One such career is electricians, where 85,900 skilled professionals will be needed to fill new jobs by 2024. 
According to BLS, the need for trained electricians is expected to rise in the next 10 years in response to more wiring needs in homes and businesses, as well as an overall growth of the construction industry. In manufacturing plants as well, electricians will be needed to maintain old equipment and install new systems. Due to these needs, the electrician field is projected to see a much faster than average growth rate of 14% in the decade ahead, resulting in 85,900 new jobs by 2024. In addition, BLS notes that because many employers have reported “difficulty finding qualified applicants,” the job outlook for those going into this profession will be quite good.”
Read entire article at http://www.career.org/news/shortage-of-skills-electricians
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